The massive penetration of smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets has led to an exponential growth in mobile data usage, and mobile infrastructure capacity can’t always keep up. As a result, many mobile operators are seeking cost-effective solutions to offloading their mobile data network.
Why is it Important and relevant to an enterprise?
3G offloading is a cost effective solution, which seamlessly integrates its WiFi solution into any mobile operator’s cellular network. The solution comprises high-performance Super WiFi base stations, full network and service integration with the mobile network services, and a centralized management system for network-wide visibility, control and optimization.
What benefits you derive by implementing this solution?
- The ultimate WiFi-cellular radio co-location, which saves on site resources such as backhaul, power and location rental
- Up to 90% reduction in the number of WiFi access point and sites, thanks to the tenfold coverage compared to a standard access point
- Improved user experience through consistently high performance and high capacity WiFi connectivity
- Fast and simple deployment, through its integrated radio and antenna unit, and no risk of cross interference
- Increased mobile network offload through its seamless user handoff to the WiFi network based on SIM card authentication
- A consistent user experience with all Value Added Services, through the WiFi network’s integration with the mobile core network
Who does Cybersec Solution represent to provision this technology?


Cybersec Solution is the Exclusive Authorized Value Added Distributor for Exalt.
Exalt Communications is a leading manufacturer of next-generation packet microwave backhaul systems for mobile operators, broadband service providers, government agencies, and enterprises worldwide. The company’s innovative approach to microwave system design is one that not merely addresses current network requirements, but anticipates customer needs yet to come. Exalt’s unique universal platform makes Exalt microwave systems more robust, adaptable, flexible and cost-effective than others.


Cybersec Solution is the Exclusive Authorized Value Added Distributor for 4ipnet.
4ipnet is a leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services.


Cybersec Solution FZ LLC is the Authorized Value Added Distributor for Altai – Super WiFi.
Altai Technologies is a high-tech company that designs, develops and markets carrier-grade, innovative wireless broadband solutions.
The Altai Super WiFi Solution offers a complete wireless solution comprising base stations (A8-Ein/ A8in/A8n), access points (A2/A2e/A2-Ei/A1n/C1n/ C1an), CPE (C1n/C1an/U1), wireless backhaul (A2/A2e/C1n/C1an/B5), access controllers and wireless management software (AWMS).

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